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Ren is an ALCM Musician, Killer Lead Guitarist, Music Writer, Tutor, Guitar-Bot 6. Music Publishing, Accomplished in all things Guitar. A Top-Selling Author and Contributor.

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Make Money in Music - the Best-Selling Book!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A STAR TO MAKE MONEY IN MUSIC! The world is full of successful working musicians – a silent majority who make very good incomes having turned their passion into their day-job. And you can do it too!

The majority of books on making it in the music business sell a formulaic approach to becoming a star. They will explain the myths they say are preventing everyone from being the next big thing. They will offer you ‘secrets’, things ‘the pros’ do to succeed beyond us mortals. They will claim to teach you how to reinvent yourself, correct past mistakes and become a star. If all that really worked, there would be a lot more stars in the world. This book tells you THE TRUTH.

There are NO SECRETS. This book is packed with insights on being a modern musician, and ways the author has very successfully made money in music, despite not being a star. The many strategies to a serious income can be combined based on your interests, available time, current skills and experience. Always be prepared for and say YES to opportunity!

Some Reviews

ren guitarist
I loved the book, it was very inspiring!

I've read it a couple of times, and have recommended it to a few friends.Using the ideas from your book I am developing a plan to earn at least £50K from music!

Bob Ralston
London, UK
reynolds guitarist

Spot on. Some great ideas on how to take my music career forward.

New York, USA
Paul Reynolds Guitarist

The book is packed with advice for the modern musician. Making a living from music is way more possible than people would have you believe. Benefit from the experience of a guy who does exactly what the book title says!

Amazon, USA
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